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A controversial proposal to replace street vendors with vending machines has been met with anger by those who rely on the trade.

HCM City districts consider fixed areas for street vendors

Districts in HCM City are looking into setting up designated areas for food street vendors in an effort to ensure pandemic safety and order on the streets.

Shoulder pole of street vendors - a charm of Hanoi

Street carrying poles have been one of the typical images of Hanoi, embellishing its beauty.

HCM City puts street vendors under better management, protects pedestrians

Street vendors will be allowed to use sections of roads and pavements if they receive permission and pay fees for their business activities under a HCM City draft decision on road and pavement management.

Streets around Hanoi enjoy sight of blossoming lotus flowers

With beautiful lotuses serving to brighten up streets throughout Hanoi, many of the blossoming flowers can be seen being carried by street vendors in bicycles as they sell them at the start of summer, the traditional lotus flower season.

Vietnam’s Pho culture

For many Vietnamese, Pho is much more than just noodle soup. From street vendors to luxurious restaurants, Pho has become the national dish of Vietnam.

Street vendors struggle to earn a living during COVID-19 epidemic

The economic impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is negatively affecting street vendors, who are facing major challenges in their fight despite being most vulnerable to virus infection.

Follow the charm of delightful tea

Despites having won nine international awards for his tea, Nguyen Cao Son still wants to work harder to preserve the Vietnamese tea culture and tell the world about the tradition. Bui Quynh Hoa reports

Ox-eye daises flood the streets of Hanoi

As the chill of winter creeps across the capital, the baskets of street vendors across Hanoi are beginning to fill up with eye-catching ox-eye daises.

Handmade my Quang noodles keep Phu Chiem going strong

My Quang (Quang Nam-style flat rice noodle) restaurants can be easily found throughout the central province of Quang Nam. 

HCM City authorities wary of pavement, road encroachment during Tet

 VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City authorities are worried about encroachment of pavements and roads during Tet (the Lunar New Year) in three weeks’ time.

In developing Hanoi, old battles new

 The 1,000-year-old capital city of Hanoi has rapidly grown into one of the busiest and most crowded cities in the country and even in the region. Over the past 10 years, high buildings, shopping centres, entertainment complexes, 

Street vendor spaces on paper, not concrete

Ambitious plans to establish designated areas for street vendors in Ha Noi and HCM City have yet to materialise, months after a “sidewalk clean-up” campaign fuelled debates over the future of street vendors.

Hoi An to crackdown on street vendors, coracle services

 VietNamNet Bridge – With the number of street vendors increasing along with the exponential rise in popularity of Hoi An Town, the very factors that made it attractive – its pristine settings and quietness – are under threat. 

Getting to know street vendors in Dalat

VietNamNet Bridge – In Dalat City, tourist destinations are always crowded, so some people opt for a quiet place to visit. And there is one place which they might find interesting. That is Dalat Su Quan in Thung Lung Tinh Yeu area. 

Three largest cities in Vietnam to tighten food checks

 VietNamNet Bridge – City authorities will strictly inspect large food processing plants, wholesale markets, supermarkets and shopping malls, besides small street vendors to prevent food poisoning during the Tet holiday and festivals.

Street vendors struggle amidst global integration

 VietNamNet Bridge – As the country is integrating deeper into the world market, a number of street vendors who come to pursue their dream in cities might lose their jobs, experts have warned.

Vietnamese people still like temporary markets

VietNamNet Bridge – The municipal administration is finding that removing temporary markets and street vendors is a tough task, given their continued popularity among residents.

Artist at home with local faces

 VietNamNet Bridge – American artist Heather McClellan feels a special connection to the older Vietnamese women she met while travelling across in Viet Nam.

Passion of a street artist for his job

 VietNamNet Bridge – While ambling in an early morning at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens last weekend, my eyes stopped at a middle-age artist who is surrounded by many pieces of silhouette pictures.