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About 60 PTIT's students will be sent abroad under student exchange programs this year (Photo: Tuan Thanh)

The community of PTIT alumni is present in many countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Australia. It follows higher education levels and starts businesses in the countries. 

Many graduates have returned to devote themselves to the country’s science and technology development.

Dang Hoang Long, an IT graduate, completed his doctorate in computer science at Deakin University in Australia, which is a partner of PTIT.

Long studied at the Australian school under the student exchange program of the two parties and he has joined forces with PTIT to inspire other students and help access information and obtain scholarships from international schools.

Nguyen Thang Hai An, who works in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, obtained an Erasmus scholarship and 6-month study in Italy. The lessons and experiences helped An find a way to follow in the future. An decided to team up with his friends to develop a startup specializing in software technology services and IoT in Hanoi.

ALDA AI, a team of three members which won first prize at P-Innovation 2024 with a product called Digital Human, has not only won at an international competition, but also will participate in Code Fest organized by Sydney University in June 2024.

Opening up opportunities for students to study and work across borders is the aim of Vietnam’s universities, including PTIT.

In 2023, 50 PTIT students joined student and intern exchange programs and competed at international contests. Since the beginning of the year, PTIT has sent 10 students to Hackathon, a marathon for hackers, in South Korea. 

In addition to three students to leave for Australia to attend Code Fest, PTIT is seeking two students for the internship program in Italy, and one student in Australia.

Meanwhile, PTIT has welcomed 10 students from Chung Ang University in South Korea and six French interns. Ten students from Gunma University will come for a 3-month internship program at PTIT.

PTIT has strengthened its international joint training programs, opened high-quality training programs with teaching in English, and promoted international cooperation programs through student exchanges.

The institute now has five joint training programs at university level, one program to produce master’s degree holders, reserved for international students, and three high-quality programs in English.

Van Anh