VietNamNet Bridge - After riding for more than two hours on the boat from the port of Van Don, you reach Ngoc Vung to experience days of fun on the unspoiled island.


Ngoc Vung Island in the northern province of Quang Ninh is about 45km2 in area. The name derives from a legend that this island was once home to so many rare species of pearl oysters. Today, pearl farming is the main business of the locals.

In addition, there is abundant fresh water on the island so people also plant paddy. They also breed seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish and squid in sea cages.

While neighboring islands such as Co To and Quan Lan have developed tourism for several years, Ngoc Vung remains obscure. Hence it is very suitable to those who love adventure tourism. This unspoiled island has only one path running along its coast and the only means of transport here is the xe lam (three-wheeled taxi).







The beach stretching almost 3km, which is unspoiled and uncrowded, is the attraction of the island.

To tour this small island with its simple houses, using a bike is advised. Do not be afraid to step into any house to ask to borrow or rent a bike. You can pedal along the beach, around the rice fields or on the village road to see the local people’s lives.

The night on Ngoc Vung Island is very quiet, without any modern audiovisual equipment or the internet. There is only the moon and the sound of waves.

There is a boat that runs from Van Don to Ngoc Vung at 7am daily. You can also get a ship from Cam Pha to Ngoc Vung at 1pm.

Pha Le