Ta Quang Buu Award

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Young lecturer is nominated for award for research on rain forecasting

Dr Bui Minh Tuan from the Meteorology and Oceanography Faculty at the Hanoi University of Natural Sciences has been nominated for a Ta Quang Buu Award.

The doctor who tracks down genes that cause deafness in children

With their method of detecting gene mutations which cause hearing impairments, Dr Tran Thi Thanh Huyen and her co-workers are representing Vietnam at the final round of the ASEAN-US Science Prize.

Vietnamese scientist finds 'super material' in waste products

Aerogel, the super material, opens great opportunities for humans to solve problems, from waste treatment and environmental protection to the production of new materials.

Three scientists to be honoured with 2020 Ta Quang Buu Award

The 2020 Ta Quang Buu Award will be presented to three scientists who have made significant contributions to the country’s science and technology sector.

Vietnamese scientist offers new research method to study effects of air pollution

A research work on the presence of phthalates in indoor air in northern provinces has been nominated for the 2020 Ta Quang Buu Award.

'I strive for high-quality research articles': Vietnamese professor of physics

“I am asked why I continue to publish scientific articles while I have had more than 130 articles. I never set a target for the number of articles. What I am striving for is high-quality articles,” said Nguyen Van Hieu, a famous young scientist.

Complicated procedures, low budgets face scientists

A leader from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology says the procedures for considering and approving state-level scientific research projects are too complicated. 

VN young scientist with 47 ISI publications and scientific awards

Being one of the two young scientists nominated for the Ta Quang Buu Award in 2018, at the age of 34, Truong Vu Thanh of HCMC University of Science & Technology has made remarkable achievements with 47 ISI publications and scientific awards.

Ta Quang Buu award winner lives on a $275 monthly salary

One of three Ta Quang Buu award winners for young scientists, Do Quoc Tuan, 33, is the co-author of six ISI articles and writer of two articles on Physical Review D. He earns a monthly salary of VND6 million

Lack of transparency in research discourages scientists

Even in poor conditions, young scientists in Vietnam are still able to produce internationally recognized research. However, they are discouraged by the lack of transparency in the scientific research environment. 

Outstanding scientists in fundamental study honoured

 Prof. Nguyen Huu Viet Hung and Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ba An received the 2013 Ta Quang Buu Award at a ceremony in Hanoi on May 17.