VietNamNet Bridge – A report by the World Bank on October 31, revealed some of the sectors with highest corruption problems in Vietnam.




According to the report, bribery problems can mostly be seen in tax administration, finance and banking sectors, the state budget and customs system. Meanwhile, agencies of planning and investment, along with the banks are said to often cause problems for firms, such as unclear explanations or wrongful requests. In 2010, only 56% of firms said state agencies delayed work on purpose, but this figure has increased to 67% in 2012.

Tran Thi Lan Huong, a member of the research group, said many firms have unintentionally made the situation worse, adding that 75% of those asked admitted to having given bribes even though officials did not suggest it. Because so many firms agree to bribery, officials only cause more troubles. Also, 88% of people said state officials are corrupt, while 79% of state officials blamed their low wages.

In general, companies either give bribes to make procedures smoother or try to deal with the troubles on their own.

However, another research report from World Bank pointed out that firms seem to gained more profits when they refuse bribery.

Tran Duc Luong, Deputy Inspector General, affirmed that this kind of corruption is becoming more complicated and harder to detect.