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Pemeprap, a disease-prevention app invented by the students of FPT Can Tho University, allows users to be examined and diagnosed online. The app also gives suggestions on specialized examinations.

BugRank detects security holes on Covid-19 digital platforms

About 20 technology platforms of the National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control will be put on BugRank, a platform that detects security vulnerabilities.

Viet Solutions helps startups amid difficulties

Covid-19 poses challenges but also opportunities for startups. Instead of groping around for development paths and accepting the high failure probability rate, they can seek support from incubators like Viet Solutions.

National technology platform used to combat Covid-19 for first time

The vaccination management platform is the first national technology platform shared by ministries, branches, local authorities and relevant parties to join forces to fight Covid-19.


Vietnam works on method to discover Covid-19 infections through coughs

A project is being implemented with the participation of Vietnamese scientists who are trying to use AI to discover Covid-19 infections through coughs.

'Green' startup produces electric power-assisted bicycles

With just a saddle-sized kit of tools, Wiibike can turn a normal bicycle into an electric bike easily.