VietNamNet Bridge – Coming to cinema as a pleasant experience, teen directors like Phan Huyen My, Minh Phuong or Le Hoang have reaped a lot of successes with their "babies," which are excellent documentaries or short films.

Huyen My - from Golden Lotus, Golden Kite Awards to the USA



Phan Huyen My and the Golden Lotus trophy.

At the 2010 Golden Lotus Short Film Awards ceremony for young film-makers, the most impressive character was Phan Huyen My, the director of "Mother and Child," the documentary that won the audience’s most favorite prize and the special prize of the jury.

Soon after, "Mother and Child" won a lot of domestic prizes like the most favorite film at the third Golden Bee Short Film Festival, the Silver Kite Award for documentary and others.

Huyen My’s first work was also selected by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to screen at the Vietnamese film week in the U.S. in 2010.Well-known director Bui Thac Chuyen had asked a French expert - Frankc Desmoutin - to complete the audio of the film before it was brought to the USA.

"Mother and Child" is a documentary about the daily life, in the family of Huyen My. It's a story about the different conceptions of life between the two generations living in the same house.

The stern mother prohibited her daughter from spending money, straightening her hair or using a mobile phone while the 15-year-old sister of Huyen My (the main character of the film) wanted to prove her personality and to live in the way she liked. Watching the film, the audience will further understand the relationship between mothers and children in the modern society in Vietnam.

Le Hoang – two awards for "Nguoc Dong"



Young director Le Hoang.


The young, handsome director named Le Hoang won big success with his first short film. “Nguoc Dong” (Upstream) is about a school with a unique storyline.

The film speaks of the wishes of two students who wanted to get rid of restraint and strict disciplines of the school to live and do what they want to do.

Wishing to stand on the top floor of life to see the sunset and to … smoke, "Upstream" partly reflects the thoughts and the feelings of today's students. "Upstream" won two Golden Lotus Awards for the film selected by the audience and the jury.

Le Hoang introduced his work to the United States and France through the YxineFF International Film Festival and to Brazil through the São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

At present, Le Hoang is a student of the director faculty of the University of Movies and Drama and he is continuing the journey to conquer the 7th art with his next work.

Minh Phuong – being successful when "returning to childhood"





It is still the familiar subject about the family and the difference in thinking between parents and children but "Give Me a Ticket back to the Childhood" by Minh Phuong explores this topic in a completely new way. She had the courage to put cameras into the everyday life in her family to exploit valuable details.

The 2013 Golden Lotus Award for documentary genre voted by the audience is the most rewarding results for Phuong’s effort and hard-working. "Give Me a Ticket back to the Childhood" was also an outstanding nominee at the YxineFF 2013 festival.

Minh Phuong will represent Vietnamese young filmmakers to participate in a cultural exchange trip held by the Institute for Vietnamese Culture and Education in the United States (IVCE) to introduce Vietnamese culture to American students this October.

On July 28, the Golden Lotus Short Film Awards ceremony for young filmmakers will take place in Hanoi to honor promising faces on the way to build Vietnam cinema.

T. Hai