Viettel Global now provides services in 11 countries in the world

Viettel Global will present at the 2022 annual general meeting of shareholders a plan to register new business fields.

The board of directors of the company is seeking approval for the plan to add four business fields to the business registration certificate of the company.

The four business fields include brokerage agent, goods auction; data processing, leasing and related activities; information technology services and other computing services.

Included will be wholesale farm and forestry produce, materials (except goods, bamboo) and live animals.

Explaining the decision, Viettel Global’s board of directors said the company has signed contracts on providing services, telecommunication and information technology devices, and is planning to carry out related trade activities. Viettel Global said it was necessary to register the ‘commercial brokerage’ business to make it more favorable.

In addition, based on the strategic direction and the transformation of operations in the coming time, Viettel Global will need to add more business fields to serve the business of digital services and solutions to recover capital in goods.

That is why Viettel Global wants to obtain the permission to provide information technology services and other computing related services.

It plans to sign contracts with the companies, therefore, it needs the license to trade farm and forestry produce (except wood and bamboo) and live animals.

The latest report showed that in 2021, Viettel Global’s consolidated revenue was VND22.618 trillion, an increase of 9.5 percent over 2020. The pre-tax consolidated profit reached VND880 billion, a decrease of VND320 billion compared with 2020 (VND1.2 trillion).

The company plans to obtain the consolidated revenue of VND23 trillion this year. It also hopes that it can develop 2.5 million more telecommunication subscribers this year.

Trong Dat