The Ministry of Information and Communications asked telecommunications businesses to implement support programmes during the pandemic. — Photo



The Ministry of Information and Communications said that in order to help people, businesses and society in strictly following the Prime Minister's directive on urgent measures to prevent and control COVID-19, the ministry has asked telecommunications businesses to implement a number of support programmes.

To Dung Thai, deputy general director of VNPT Group, said that it would increase internet bandwidth to a minimum of 50Mbps to ensure customers can work remotely.

VNPT will also donate data packages so that subscribers have enough capacity to use during the quarantine period due to COVID-19.

MobiFone is going to launch a C120 package with many promotions for subscribers on the front line against the pandemic.

MobiFone will soon release this package according to the list of supported subscribers announced by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

In addition, MobiFone is planning to increase data for service packages of mobile users and want to deploy it quickly in the next few days.

Similar to VNPT and MobiFone, Viettel has increased internet bandwidth by 1.5 to 2 times.

For mobile services, Viettel also raised capacity of 4G stations, ensuring bandwidth to serve 4G mobile users.

Viettel agreed with the proposal to donate data, which is expected to be about 50 per cent for customers. — VNS