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Vietnamese telecom operators are betting on financial activities to make gains from the new trends emerging and being pushed forward by current events.

Vietnam to trial 5G services on a large scale in 2021

The Ministry of Information and Communications will take the initiative in the commercialization of 5G in Vietnam.

Vietnamese telecom providers survey users’ satisfaction

The survey was conducted with 8,400 personal questionnaires and 300 corporate questionnaires, showing the satisfaction level and habits of users of telecommunications services in Vietnam.

Telecom, retail sectors face far-reaching digital transformation

 Several sectors, including telecommunications, retail and financial-banking, have been greatly affected by digital transformation, according to a technology conference held in HCMC on September 20.

Eight growing tendencies in Vietnam’s telecom market

VietNamNet Bridge - Dao Trung Thanh, a telecommunication expert who has been working in the field for the last 20 years as a strategist for large telecom groups, has predicted eight major tendencies in the telecom market in 2016.

Telecom, IT sectors top list of Vietnam corporate taxpayers

 The telecommunications and information technology sectors have been the leading corporate taxpayers on a list of 1,000 leading corporations, accounting for 18 % of total tax payments this year.

Cable televisions fear telecom giants

VietNamNet Bridge - SCTV, VTVcab, VNPT, Viettel and FPT are in competition to provide integrated services for television, internet and voice calls on the same cable line. 

Telcos attempt to raise fees on international incoming calls, once again

VietNamNet Bridge – Telecom groups have unanimously proposed the Ministry of Information and Communication to $8.1 cent per minute, hoping to earn $12 million, or VND250 billion more every year from the service.

When will Vietnam deploy 4G?

 VietNamNet Bridge – While 4G LTE has become more and more popular in the world and 4G licenses have been licensed in other regional countries, Vietnam still decides that it’s now not the right time to begin the 4G era.

Vietnam should brace for 4G: experts

 VietNamNet Bridge – Telecom experts are urging preparations for application of 4G technology as the current 3G has failed to meet expectations of local consumers.

Cloud computing market warms up

A recent survey has found that the majority of Vietnamese businesses plan to use cloud computing, considering this the top priority. Meanwhile, more Vietnamese and foreign service providers have joined the market.

3G service fee increase unexpected produces a stir

 VietNamNet Bridge – 3G service turns out to be a violent battlefield for telecom groups. The market has become choppy after the three biggest network operators announce the service fee hike.

3G service fee hike makes users furious

The three biggest mobile network operators have affirmed that the 20-40 percent 3G service fee increase from October 16 is not big enough to make profit. Meanwhile, users, believing the service fee is too high, have threatened to boycott the service.

It’s time of fiber-to-the-home service

 VietNamNet Bridge - The fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service has been provided in Vietnam for seven years already, but the stiff competition among telcos to attract customers has just begun.

Big ADSL service providers have advantages in IPTV race

In the competition among IPTV service providers, the big guy VNPT (Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group) has bigger advantages than others thanks to its existing strong infrastructure for fixed telephone line and ADSL.

Mobile network operators still turn their back to free messaging apps

VNG, Line and some other content service providers affirmed that they have suggested operation projects with the big mobile network operators in Vietnam, but they have not got any replies from the operators.

Free messaging apps boom in Vietnam

The figures announced by Viber, Line, Kakao Talk or Zalo about their numbers of users are unreliable. Experts say these are just the numbers of downloads, not the active users.

Vietnam not fertile land for foreign telecom groups

If noting that some foreign telecom groups have to leave Vietnam after a period of staying here, one would think that Vietnam is not a promising land for foreign telcos.

Hi-tech GPS bugs flooding the market

It’s so easy to do wiretapping nowadays with the support of high technology. The next-generation bugs tend to be smaller and have more useful features, including the global positioning GPS.

Wave stimulating equipment cause a headache to mobile network operators

More and more people Hanoi have installed cellphone wave stimulating equipment at their homes to improve the wave quality.