The poster for horror film Yin and Yang Eyes that will be screened on the first day of the lunar new year. — Photo courtesy of the producer



Đôi Mắt Âm Dương (The Eyes), produced by hit-maker and director Nhat Trung, is a story about a well-off family whose life gets turned upside down due to a series of horrific incidents.

After an accident, the wife is suddenly able to see a female ghost. Suffering from amnesia, she is taken back home by her husband to recover. However, it is also when many strange phenomena start happening, from the housemaid with a suspicious voice to the mysterious look of the housekeeper and the appearance of a raven signalling death.

The climax of the film is when the wife sees a blood-stained female ghost following her. Moreover, her reflection in the mirror is also haunting, raising questions over whether she is dead.

The background effects, from the music to the colour, also evoke anxiety and insecurity. The film is set in Da Lat City in the 1980s, with ancient villas and retro clothes, showcasing the thorough investment of the producers.

Particularly, at the end of the teaser, is the appearance of a woman full of hostility and anger towards the wife, which will evoke curiosity among viewers.

Though it is not the first time, the release of a horror film during the Tet holiday is still unusual as it is usually the moment for the introduction of new, light-hearted films.

“I know the audience need laughter and relaxation at the beginning of a new year. But I also believe that they would like to watch engaging stories. The Eyes sounds risky and different from what others imagine, but I feel confident that it offers a different taste for this Tet holiday,” said Trung, the director behind the blockbuster Cua Lại Vợ Bầu (Win My Baby Back) that earned nearly VND200 billion (US$8 million).

“There is always a hidden message in every film and the director will help to connect the message to the audience. Likewise, in this horror film, I wish to convey a message about self-values, family and life, which the audience will explore themselves after watching,” he adds.

The highlight of the film is the reunification of actor Quoc Truong and actress Bao Thanh, the star of the successful family drama Về Nhà Đi Con (Come Home, My Dear) that won numerous domestic awards this year.

Films screened during Tet holiday have been mostly dedicated to the audience of the south with the appearance of many actors from the south. Director Trung invited the couple for the film not only because of their popularity but also to care about the audience from the north.

Therefore, the stardom of two renowned actors from the north in a horror movie showcases his aspiration – winning over audiences nationwide.

Released by Galaxy Studio, The Eyes will be screened with English subtitles on January 25 in cinemas nationwide. — VNS

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