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Despite some bumps, Vietnam-Thailand economic relations are looking up, said Mr SananAngubolkul, President of the Thailand-Vietnam Business Council (TVBC) during a recent interview with a VOV reporter.

When did Thai companies begin entering the Vietnamese market?

VietNamNet Bridge - The phrase ‘Thai wave’ has been used recently as a series of Thai billionaires have announced the acquisition of retail chains in Vietnam. 

The ‘Thai goods’ era’ has arrived

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese manufacturers’ biggest rival is Thailand, experts say. The country exports a wide range of goods, from chicken to slippers, from cosmetics to electric cookers. 

Thai billionaires pour more money into Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The huge assets worth $40 billion owned by three Thai billionaires will become larger thanks to the market of 90 million Vietnamese.  

Will Vietnamese goods be ousted by Thai products?

Experts have calmed the public down amid the worry that Thai retailers would dislodge Vietnamese goods from supermarkets, saying Vietnamese goods can stay in supermarkets if the quality and prices are good.

Thai companies invade Vietnamese market, push aside Chinese products

VietNamNet Bridge - Large retailers in Vietnam are either distributing more Thai goods or raising the proportion of Thai goods in their chains.

Thai products flood Vietnam market

Thai businesses have been quietly, step by step, conquering the Vietnamese market using a methodical and reasonable strategy. Vietnamese businesses cannot do anything but just watch as Thai products penetrate the home market.

Will Vietnam become a production factory for Thai billionaires?

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts believe that after swallowing a number of Vietnamese companies, Thai billionaires will take the next steps to turn Vietnam into their production bases from which Thai products will be distributed globally.

Thai billionaires seek to dominate Vietnam retail market

 Many leading market analysts believe it evidences Thai billionaires’ ambitions to conquer the Vietnamese retail market.