Tho Xuan Airport. — Photo

The province asked the Ministry of Transport to consider attracting capable businesses and investors or arrange other lawful capital sources from the state budget for constructing the terminal and infrastructure for 2022-25.

Earlier, the locality received a notice from the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, managing and operating Tho Xuan Airport.

The report said the investment project worth VND2.12 trillion (US$90.83 million) was not included in its medium-term public investment plan for 2021-25 but has been earmarked for investment after 2025. The T2 terminal is designed to serve 5 million passengers a year.

The Ministry of Transport’s Decision No. 1136/QĐ-BGTVT dated June 12, 2020, approved a plan for the airport for 2021-30.

The plan stipulated that the 10-year period will see the expansion and upgrade of the existing passenger terminal T1, and the construction of the T2 and a cargo terminal, with a handling capacity of 27,000 tonnes per year.  

Currently, T1 is overloaded as it struggles to handle domestic routes. The terminal is not designed to handle international routes as there is no isolation area for international arrivals, entry, exit, or customs management.

Investment in the T2 terminal and other infrastructure as approved for 2021-2025 is timely as it will help Tho Xuan airport to develop, said the provincial People’s Committee. 

Tho Xuan Airport was put into operation on February 5, 2013. Its average number of passengers in 2013-15 soared by 160 per cent per year.

The terminal was opened in January 2016, capable of handling 1.2 million passengers a year. In 2016-20, the airport’s passenger throughput grew by 17 per cent on an annual average. In the first five months of 2022, the terminal received 671,000 arrivals, projected to hit 1.4 million by year’s end.

Thanh Hoa is seen as a "hidden gem" in Vietnam, with huge potential for further tourism development thanks to its diverse and rich tourism resources.

Known as a "miniature Vietnam," Thanh Hoa hosts elements of all of the country’s terrain, from mountains to plains and coast, with many beautiful landscapes and valuable historical and cultural heritage.

The province also has a system of infrastructure and technical facilities for tourism that is constantly expanding, and gradually improving in quality.

Thanh Hoa is home to a variety of beautiful beaches, namely the popular Sam Son brown sand beach in the city of the same name. There is also Hai Tien beach in Hoang Hoa District, Tien Trang Quang Xuong in Quang Xuong District, and Hai Hoa, Hai Thanh and the Bai Dong beach in Tinh Gia District.

In recent years, the province has become one of the top cities and provinces in tourism growth nationwide. During 2016-19, the number of tourist arrivals in the province grew by 15.2 per cent annually. Tourism revenue rose by 31.7 per cent yearly, contributing significantly to local socio-economic development.

With COVID-19 under relative control, Thanh Hoa tourism is bustling again with the reopening of all tourist destinations. The province has an image as a safe, friendly and attractive destination, prompting visitors to travel to the locality. 

Source: Vietnam News