The 2nd Muong Ethnic Culture Festival will have cồng chiêng (gong) performance. 

Hundreds of artisans, performers and athletes from six provinces Hoa Binh, Son La, Phu Tho, Binh Phuoc, Thanh Hoa and Hanoi City will join the festival. 

An art troupe from Lao People's Democratic Republic is expected to participate in the festival, according to the organisation. 

This will be a chance to popularise Muong cultural values to domestic and regional tourists aiming at promoting tourism in Thanh Hoa Province. 

The 2nd festival is held to honour the culture of the ethnic group, which is rich in tradition. It will help preserve and promote the Muong identity as a united and diversified culture present across the whole nation. 

The festival is also an opportunity for the artisans, performers and athletes to exchange and share traditional and folk art and sports. 

It will contribute to raising awareness of ethnic people at all levels to preserve and develop Vietnamese ethnic culture meeting the country's sustainable development requirements.

The festival will include art performances, traditional costume shows, Mường cồng chiêng (gong) performance, craft demonstration, and cultural ceremonies.

An exhibition entitled Đặc Trưng Văn Hóa Dân Tộc Mường Trong Cộng Đồng Văn Hóa Các Dân Tộc Việt Nam (Muong Culture in Vietnamese Ethnic Groups) will be held to highlight the festival and showcase the cultural lifestyle of the Mường community. 

Muong ethnic traditional costume will be displayed at the 2nd festival. Photos danvan.vn

Traditional sports vật cổ truyền (wrestling), tung còn (cloth ball throwing), bắn nỏ (cross-bow), and kéo co (tug of war) will be played at the festival. 

Tourism activities will be held during the festival. Domestic businesses will have the chance to survey community-based tourism and ecological tourism in Thanh Hoa Province. 

Booths will be set up to introduce products and promote tourism. 

The festival will be aired live on Vietnam National Television (VTV), Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and Thanh Hoa Television and Broadcast Station. 

The Muong is the third largest among 54 of Vietnam's ethnic groups, mainly living in the north-western region. 

The Muong ethnic group is the fourth largest population following Kinh, Tay and Thai groups in Vietnam.  VNS

Festival to highlight Thai ethnic culture

Festival to highlight Thai ethnic culture

Features of ethnic Thai culture will be presented through various activities held in the northern province of Dien Bien on October 18 to 20.

Sam Son street carnival attracts over 80 European dancers

Sam Son street carnival attracts over 80 European dancers

More than 80 European dancers will take part in a street carnival as part of the Sam Son Sea Festival 2020, scheduled to take place between June 26-27 in the north-central coastal province of Thanh Hoa.