VietNamNet Bridge – On February 19, the Hospital of Quang Xuong District, Thanh Hoa Province conducted an urgent cesarean to save a mother and her baby, a boy of up to 5.1kg.



The baby and his father.

The pregnant woman, 32, from Quang Thinh commune, was hospitalized in a very weak state of health, which might affect the child in the womb. After a consultation and examination, doctors decided to perform an emergency surgery to save the life of the unborn baby.

The newborn baby is up to 5.1kg, the heaviest baby who has ever born in the hospital, said the hospital’s director – Dr. Nguyen Danh Hoi.

This is the second son of this woman. Her first son had normal weight at birth.

The woman said she felt discomfort in recent months. “I had never had a scan or examination so I did know that my baby was so heavy," she said.

According to doctors, such a child is often at risk of disorders of heart function and lower blood sugar.

"The baby is still under special care and supervision," said Dr. Hoi.

Thu Ly