Positive working environment

Within 14 years, Sun Group has transformed the image of Vietnam in the eyes of the world by developing a plethora of iconic landmarks, unique resorts, world class entertainment complexes and real estate ecosystems throughout the country. To achieve all of this, the group has sought out the very best talent in Vietnam from the very beginning. To hire and retain top talent, Sun Group does far more than offer competitive remuneration packages. The group has cultivated a forward-thinking and positive working environment where employees can thrive as well as an employment policy that is on a par with international labor standards.


With a philosophy that ‘good seeds only germinate and grow well under optimal conditions’, Sun Group continually invests in the well-being of its employees, making sure they always feel valued. The positive, high-energy and friendly workplace constantly inspires personnel to do their best work. Everyone who works for Sun Group is genuinely happy to be part of such a dynamic team.

To cope with fluctuations in work pressure, Sun Group goes above and beyond to make sure employees enjoy a perfect work-life balance. For example, to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the Sun Group offers wellness programs for employees, who can also avail of on-site gym facilities and participate in sports events. There are even tobacco-cessation programs to help smokers quit as the welfare of Sun Group’s employees always remains paramount.

Caring for employees as family members

Sun Group truly strives to take care of its employees in the style of a “family organization" in its day to day operations. For employees working far from home, the company provides accommodation and on-site childcare facilities as well as transit options in certain regions such as Ba Na (Da Nang City) in the central region, Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang Province) in the southern region and Fansipan (Lao Cai province) in the North.

Furthermore, Sun Group has established a Sunflower Fund and a Warm Spring charity program to support employees going through a difficult time. That's why members of the Sun Group family always feel empowered to be their best selves, helping to drive on a more creative work culture while retaining a feeling of homeliness and togetherness.


Despite operations being severely affected by the emergence of Covid-19, Sun Group still strives to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable recovery of Vietnam’s tourism industry, and its actions continue to minimize the impact of the crisis on its employees. After Vietnam’s tourism industry was disrupted by the pandemic, the company swiftly acted, implementing plans and offering flexible policy solutions to help employees adjust to the new ‘normal’. Sun Group also rolled out various cultural and social media activities to encourage a positive spirit across communities and maintain employee confidence at a challenging time.

Seeking ‘righteous talent’

As a premier developer of resort and entertainment complexes in Vietnam, Sun Group has created its own distinct organizational culture. Consequently, the group continually attracts and retains young, dynamic and highly sought-after talent in Vietnam.

Applying a different approach to recruitment, Sun Group seeks to hire and train highly qualified and principled individuals. In the eyes of Sun Group, these prized employees are not simply labeled ‘Talent’ but ‘Righteous Talent’.

From using recycled resources to launching awareness campaigns such as ‘Go Green’, ‘No Plastic Waste’, ‘Stop Smoking’, ‘Live Happily – Live Healthily’, ‘Sun Talents’ and ‘Change for Future’, Sun Group has made tremendous efforts to encourage all employees, regardless of age, to live a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle and give back to the community.


Inspired to make a difference

In building a strong company culture, Sun Group empowers its employees to engage with local communities and become involved in projects that improve the quality of life in all the places where Sun Group personnel live and work.

During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic had an immense impact on the global tourism industry. However, Sun Group set out to learn from the crisis as well as prepare for the future. In the last 12 months, the group has introduced many exciting products and services to boost tourism industry while also proactively supporting the government and Vietnam to eliminate this disease.

Opened by Sun Group in 2018, Van Don International Airport has received thousands of flights over the last year and welcomed Vietnamese returning home from countries badly affected by the pandemic. In Central Vietnam, Sun Group set up Tien Son field hospital in just three and a half days to support the city of Da Nang, where the pandemic resurfaced in Vietnam last summer. More recently, Sun Group sent a team of professional staff to Chi Linh district in Hai Duong city, where another outbreak occurred, to coordinate the construction of another field hospital.

Each of these professionals made a huge effort to carry out the work schedule as swiftly as possible with a shared desire to promptly contain the outbreak.


“The outbreak came just two weeks before Tet (Lunar New Year), an occasion for family reunions, so I feel a little bittersweet about this outstanding effort. However, at Sun Group, we all wished to make a contribution in the hope of controlling infections in Hai Duong, so people can welcome the New Year safely and happily. This is nothing compared to the ceaseless efforts being made by the doctors, nurses and soldiers on the frontline, who are battling to contain and eliminate the virus,” said Mr. Pham Hoang Tuan, Project Manager in Capital Region (Sun Group).


Creating positive working environment, caring for employees as family and inspired them to make a difference… all of these are the reason to explain why Sun Group has consistently been identified as one of the best companies and one of the leading employers in Vietnam. In 2020, the group won no less than three awards: ‘Top 5 Real Estate Companies’, ‘Top 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work 2020’ and ‘Top 50 for Vietnam’s Most Attractive Employers 2020’.

Furthermore, Sun Group was named on the list of ‘Top 10 Excellent Companies with Responsive Human Capital Initiative’ that honored companies and HR leaders who have managed and responded brilliantly to overcome the risks brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic at Vietnam HR Awards 2020, a prestigious awards ceremony in the field of human resources.