Located in the northern province of Ninh Binh, the UNESCO-recognized site Trang An is of global significance as an outstanding humid tropical tower-karst landscape in the final stages of geomorphic evolution. It comprises various classical karst cones and towers and a network of enclosed depressions connected by an intricate system of underground waterways, some of which are navigable by small boats.

Appearing in many famous movies, including Hollywood’s Kong: Skull Island, Trang An has always been a must-see destination that attracts many tourists, domestic and foreign alike, who want to experience the beauty of nature.

Tourists start to discover the Trang An tourist site by boat
Tourists enjoy the natural beauty of Trang An
Tourists travel through Cao Son Temple – one of the attractions in the site
Another scenic panoramic view of the tourist site
Inside the cave
Tourists enter Mua (Dance) Cave – one of the caves at the tourist site
Wooden bridge – a famous place attracting tourists at Trang An
The boat driver can act as a tour guide, helping guests explore and study the beauty and culture of Trang An Landscape Complex
She brings guests to many landscapes, such as the thousand-year-old Trinh Temple
Cao Son Temple is seen from above
Tourists travel through impressive giant rocks
…Vu Lam Palace…
…and Kong: Skull Island film studio

Source: Saigon Times