Paying special attention to sharp images and developing modern interfaces, is one of the e-commerce websites which have received high interest from the public. The fanpage of the trading floor which specializes in providing genuine branded goods has 400,000 followers.



While most well-known e-commerce websites have tried to increase the number of stalls before setting up an area for genuine products, Leflair chose to distribute genuine products from the very beginning.

Branded goods in Vietnam are expensive, while many Vietnamese have to go abroad to buy genuine products or order products on international websites. They pay a high shipping fee and wait months to get deliveries. Leflair wants to provide genuine branded goods right in Vietnam. became operational in early 2018 and only distributes products for seven fashion and make-up brands - Henry London, Julius, Phu An, Pixie, T-TRA, TheKat and Valence. However, the website still has a high number of loyal customers thanks to clear and detailed information about products.

Le Thanh Dung, director of Muaexpress, said previously, he signed contracts with some small shops which sold products on, but later, became more selective when cooperating with partners and now only accepts prestigious businesses.

Small e-commerce trading floors are going their own way to find their places in the market amid bigger players.

“We are building a new version of information disclosure. Each product will be introduced more thoroughly from supplier brands, business licenses, product information, production date and expiry date,” Dung said.

To do this, the company will have to select input products very carefully and will only cooperate with businesspeople with transparent legal status. is another prestigious e-commerce trading floor. Truong An Xinh, the founder, affirmed that customers can feel secure about the quality and origin of products.

Azooo works directly with manufacturers or official importers to order products. It doesn’t distribute products through many sellers, but directly provides products to customers.

“We are utilizing a technological solution to manage every product, from the day it enters our storehouse to the day it is delivered to customers,” the founder said.

“Many brands trust Azooo and choose us to be their distribution partners because other distributors don’t commit to control counterfeit products in the distribution channel,” Xinh explained.

Asked how small trading floors can compete with big marketplaces, Xinh said the trading floors are following a different model .

“We can satisfy market demand in terms of fees and shipping time, as well as solve a number of problems regarding the origin of goods and selling prices. We can also handle troubles and complaints well,” she said.

Linh Ha 


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