But pursuing that aim requires long-term strategies, abundant capital, human resources, and technology. 

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, in coordination with Start-up Vietnam Foundation, Innovation Connection Platform BambuUP, MSD Vietnam and MSD United Way Vietnam, 85% of participating firms reported they have sustainable development goals. 

More than 82.7% of businesses chose to incorporate sustainability into their core strategies and adjust their products and services according to principles that support sustainable development.

This underlines their dedication to demonstrating a deep commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable development. However, these goals need to be implemented over a long path that requires businesses to have strong resources in both finance, technology, innovation and human resources. 

This is also one of the challenges that Vietnamese businesses often face when wanting to improve productivity, product and service quality as well as promote sustainable economic growth.

According to the above-mentioned survey, over 74% of businesses said they are experiencing financial problems, 36% of businesses have human resource problems, and 37.9% of entities find it difficult to balance SDGs (sustainable development goals) with profit goals.

To overcome the problems, experts recommend expanding cooperation with foreign partners to enhance their resources for sustainable development.

Duy Tan - a Vietnamese enterprise with nearly 40 years of experience in the field of packaging - is one of the pioneering enterprises cooperating with foreign partners to achieve sustainable goals. 

Becoming a member company of SCG's Packaging industry - a supplier of high-quality household plastic products, packaging plastic, and industrial plastic products - Duy Tan aims to enhance service quality and provide consumers with sustainable and diverse experiences. 

Duy Tan is determined to be innovative, grasp smart solutions, and use natural resources effectively. This not only helps minimize the negative impact on the environment, but also to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the future. 

For example, the company has invested significantly in technology, new equipment systems, new robots, automation machines, and packaging conveyors from Germany, Japan and Italy to help increase productivity and improve product quality. 

Moreover, Duy Tan maintains the ISCC PLUS standard, a certification for exceptional carbon management and sustainability across the entire supply chain.

Duy Tan 1.jpg
Duy Tan’s employees have the opportunity to enhance their skills with an internationally-standardized production process system

Every employee at Duy Tan has a spirit of self-study and the opportunity to quickly improve their expertise, especially when they are exposed to modern machinery and equipment, as well as international standards and regularly work with reputed global partners like Unilever, Nestlé, and Castrol.

At Duy Tan, all products go through a tight process with raw materials using superior technology from Germany, Japan, Italy and international standards such as ISO, BRCGS Global Standard - UK on quality control and food safety, globally applicable certification ISCC PLUS for outstanding carbon management and sustainability throughout the entire supply chain), and SCG Green Choice label - certifying products with environmentally friendly criteria and good for users' health.

For businesses that are members of large corporations, they will plan strategies according to their own goals to fit under the general direction of the entire corporation.

Long Son Petrochemical Company Limited (LSP) - a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals (SCGC) and Vietnam’s first integrated petrochemical complex – aways strives to enhance the competitiveness of petrochemical business and related business along the supply chain. 

LSP also dedicate to conduct the business following sustainable development framework with a focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance). 

Accordingly, the company targets to be a green manufacturer by investing more than 100 million USD in environmentally friendly technology. Low-pollution burner technology at boilers and furnaces ensure cleaner air, the wastewater treatment system is designed to be double protected thanks to the installation of an online monitoring system to ensure treated wastewater meets standards. 

LSP has also installed the first smokeless ground flare system in Vietnam, helping to minimize noise, smoke and the impact of flare during operation. These measures demonstrate LSP's commitment to minimizing environmental impact at every stage of production.

Duy Tan 2.png
 LSP applies green standards both in production and operation

In addition to the production process, LSP also ensures that operations have international standards of safety management procedures and protect the safety of employees and the community. The complex is equipped with the most advanced safety technology and is protected by a team of highly trained firefighters ready to respond to emergency situations. 

To strengthen capacity and commitment to always put the safety of workers and the community first, LSP and the Ba Ria - Vung Tau provincial government conducted a provincial emergency response drill for the Petrochemical Complex in 2023.

1 anh .jpg
 LSP is proud to apply advanced high technologies and best practices to make sure that construction and operation are safe and environmentally friendly

The success of Duy Tan and LSP proves that expanding cooperation with foreign partners is the right solution to enhance their ability and resources, which help them achieve their business goals, strengthen their position in the market, and become pioneers in sustainable development in Vietnam.