Mui DInh Beach


The road was completed and put into use in August 2017.

The road is in the south central coastal area, bordering Khanh Hoa Province in the North, Lam Dong Province in the West, Binh Thuan Province in the South, and the East Sea. The long coastline starts from the Ca Na new junction. The DT701 coastal road connects Phan Rang and Ca Na, about 50 km long, which is popular among trekkers.

The road was built to connect the two nuclear power plants that will take shape in the future in Ninh Than province.

Tourism development is restricted there. Trekkers walk on the road with sea on one side and mountain on the other side.

Sand dunes and Mui Dinh beach

The first point where you should stop: the sand dunes in Mui Dinh. You can ride a motorbike down the white clean sand dunes. They are far from the central area, so there is little garbage as seen at Nam Cuong dune in Phan Rang City.

After taking pictures, you can return to the road, and leave your motorbike at the roadside tea shop to go down to Mui Dinh Beach.

You can hire locals to carry you to the beach on all-terrain vehicles that travel on sand. It takes about VND100,000 for a round trip. The vehicles on the bumpy sand, jumping up and down, give a spirit of adventure to the trip.

You will enjoy the beach with clear water and fine white sand. After the experience with all-terrain vehicles and sand dunes, with the hot sun and wind, you will want to rush to the sea.

You can also rent a boat for VND100,000 an hour from local people to visit around Mui Dinh beach. Kayaking is one of the favorite activities here.

Before going swimming and walking on the beach, you can order food at small restaurants on the shore. There are only 2-3 shops. You can have meals with the people in this area at affordable prices. If you like seafood, or grilled rice paper, you need to place orders with locals in advance.

Mui Dinh Lighthouse

The next point which travelers should not miss after having lunch and taking a rest is the climb up to Mui Dinh Lighthouse. Built in 1904, the lighthouse is located on the top of Mui Dinh Mount, about 180 meters above sea level.

The path to the lighthouse is very steep, so it takes you about 20 minutes to walk and overcome a winding slope, about one kilometer long. Or you can hire locals to carry you there by motorbike, costing VND50,000.

Riding a motorbike up and down the hill will be exciting and a little scary. The further you go, the more fascinating landscapes you can enjoy.

When zooming out, you can see the full beauty of the Mui Dinh coast with rugged rocks belonging to Hon Chong Island. Looking from above, you will be bewitched by the beautiful, peaceful scenery and the smell of the fresh sea breeze.

Continuing to the South, you will enjoy the ravishing beauty of coastal roads. Mui Rua is a place you should not skip. From this angle, you can see the image of a giant turtle, hugging the beach, created by nature. The sea turtle has been there for thousands of years.



Ca Na Salt Field


Go slowly to enjoy the scenery here, with mountains and rocks on one side and the blue sea with crashing waves on the other.

Ca Na Salt Field

The next point you will reach is Ca Na. Ca Na is a peaceful small fishing village with a history of over 100 years of salt making, which has existed since the French colonial period.

You will see a vast salt field. Ca Na, 30 km to the South of Phan Rang - Thap Cham City is the largest salt field of the country. The salt field there is up to tens of hectares large, stretching along the Ca Na coastline. The mounds of white salt glisten under the blazing sun, while the wet square fields turn pink under the sunset. Here, you will fall in love with the beauty of the salt workers, who always receive guests warmly with smiles, though they work hard.

Ca Na is an ideal tourist destination with many white sand dunes. The sea is clear all year round, looking deep to the bottom. There are many reefs. In the Cham language, Ca Na means reef.

The sea water here is 3-4 degrees saltier than in other places. You just need to swim about 20 meters to enjoy colorful coral reefs, hidden under a depth of less than 2 meters. 

Ngoc Ha

Da Nang promotes local cuisine through KOL

Da Nang promotes local cuisine through KOL

Da Nang City Tourism Promotion Centre, in collaboration with Helen Le, the host of Helen’s Recipes YouTube channel on Vietnamese cuisine, have launched a livestream programme entitled “Mam Mam Da Nang” 

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