The three Vietnamese students who win IELTS Prize 2021.



The three Vietnamese female students will receive scholarships worth 240 million VND and support to pursue their dream of studying abroad.

Three local prize winners in Vietnam are Nguyen Hoang Vy, Pham Le Phuong Mai and Nguyen Thi Khanh Ha.

According to First Prize winner Nguyen Hoang Vy (IELTS 8.0), IELTS is the key to unlocking so many amazing opportunities in her life, including the IELTS Prize.

"I was definitely over the moon when I heard that I won the IELTS Prize. It is such a great honour and motivation for me to gain more success in the future. In addition to the award which will help me relieve the financial stress of graduate studies, what prompted me to apply for the IELTS Prize was the chance to be an ambassador of British Council IELTS, joining different projects, meeting people from different backgrounds and sharing my story with them," said Vy.

For Second Prize winner Phuong Mai (IELTS 8.0), IELTS is not just an ordinary proficiency test but one that prepares leaners for the real world.

"All four components in the IELTS test have helped me to develop my communication in both an academic context and daily life. The advice I would give to IELTS test takers is to expose yourself to English and seek opportunities to practice your skills in an authentic environment," she said.

Impressing the interview panel with an overall score of 8.5 (three out of four skills awarded 9.0), Third Prize winner Khanh Ha shared the following tips to conquer the IELTS test: "I know everybody has been reminded of this by now, but practice really makes perfect, so practice, practice, practice. Learn to familiarize yourself with the test format so you can anticipate what is coming next and not be caught off-guard. Try plenty of mock tests, and through this avenue identify where your weaknesses are, and practice those some more."

Trish Thomson, Regional Marketing Director for the British Council in East Asia, said: "The IELTS Prize recognises those high performing students who demonstrate the academic excellence and commitment to excel during international study. More importantly, they show the determination to take what they learnt during their time abroad and use it to benefit their communities when they return home. It is our privilege to help these talented individuals make their mark in a world that is rapidly changing. International study is one way they can prepare themselves to thrive in the future."


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20 universities in southern VN recruit students based on IELTS, int’l certificates

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