Zero emission vehicles enjoy zero % registration fees for 3 years - Ảnh 1.

Free registration fees target to promote the consumption of electric cars in the local market and develop the environmentally-friendly vehicle segment - Illustration photo



This is part of Decree 10/2022/ND-CP (Decree 10), dated January 15, 2022 on registration fees, targeting to promote the consumption of electric cars in the local market and develop the environmentally-friendly vehicle segment.

For battery-run electric cars, within three years from March 1, 2022, the first registration fee will be zero %. Within the next two years, the registration fee for electric cars will be half of that of fuel-run vehicles with the same number of seats.  

Fuel-powered cars with fewer than nine seats are subject to a registration fee of 10% of their value.

Decree 10 also stipulates proportions of registration fees for houses and land (at 0.5%), hunting guns and guns used for training and sports competitions (2%), ships, barges, canoes, tugs, pushers, submarines, submersibles, boats, including yachts and aircraft (1%).  

The registration fee for motorbikes is 2%. Motorbikes of organizations and individuals in municipal cities and towns are subjected to registration fees at 5% of their value.

Regarding cars, trailers or semi-trailers towed by cars, vehicles similar to cars, the registration fee is 2%.

The registration fee for locally-assembled or manufactured carswill continue to be halved until the end of May.

Source: VGP