VietNamNet Bridge – Midwives required the parents to purchase plastic bags, paper and clothes to wrap the newborn baby for burial. When the parents took the baby home, they discovered that the baby was alive but she died later.

On May 8, Dr. Nguyen Van Nguu, Director of the Cai Lay Hospital in the southern province of Tien Giang, said that the hospital had criticized two midwives named Tran Thi Hong Ngoc and Nguyen Thi Kiep for lack of responsibility.   

The midwives determined that a premature baby died, but when the child was taken home for burial, she was still alive.

In the afternoon of May 4, a pregnant woman named Le Kim Hue in Cai Lay district was taken to the Cai Lay Hospital for emergency.

Doctors informed the woman’s family that she had to give birth prematurely. After the baby was born, midwives told the family that the child was dead and asked them to purchase plastic bags, paper and clothes to wrap her for burial.

But when the child was brought home, the family found she still alive. They took the child back to the hospital for emergency. She was then transferred to the Tu Du Hospital in HCM City.

On May 8, the baby died because of being too weak. She weighed only 600 grams.

M. Lan