VietNamNet Bridge – According to the Vietnam Badminton Federation, Vietnam’s top badminton player Nguyen Tien Minh was invited to join the group of world stars to play for the competition of Indian badminton clubs this December, at the price of $30,000.


However, the actual amount that Tien Minh receives has increased to $44,000 after the competition organizers asked the participating clubs who want to hire world star players to attend an auction.

At the auction on July 22 in New Delhi, the starting price for the world’s No. 7 player Tien Minh was $25,000 (the overall level for players rank from the 6th to 12th in the world) and after the dramatic auction, his price rose to $44,000 and the winner is Pune Vijetas club.

In the first group, the starting price for the 1st to 5th players is $50,000 and Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) was auctioned for $135,000 to play for the Mumbai Masters Club.

The tournament has a total cash prize of $1 million and it will attract the leading badminton stars of the world. Due to top stars are busy at the world championship, the event will be held in December.

Though it is a tournament for badminton clubs of India, it will have top professional quality.

Hai Ha