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Scientist with many citations excluded from list of candidates for professorship

The news that Associate Prof Nguyen Thoi Trung from Ton Duc Thang University, who is among the scientists with the highest number of citations, has been excluded from the list of candidates for a professorship title has surprised many observers.

Vietnamese university listed in top 10 ASEAN research universities

Ton Duc Thang University has become the only representative from Vietnam to be named among the top 10 excellent research universities in the ASEAN, according to US Web of Science data.

Number of Vietnamese articles in scientific publications is growing at faster rate than other regional countries

Vietnam is the fastest growing country in the region in terms of articles in scientific publications, while Singapore, India and Pakistan have the highest output.

First Vietnamese university among world’s top 1,000

Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City has become the first university in Vietnam entering Academic Ranking of World Universities’ top 1,000, reported the VN Government Portal.


Vietnam's universities develop modern libraries

Building a modern library system is a goal of many universities in Vietnam in order to increase their training quality.


Ton Duc Thang University: “We won’t stop appointing professors”

VietNamNet Bridge - Despite criticism, President of Ton Duc Thang University Le Vinh Danh has said the school would continue implementing its plan on appointing its professors and associate professors.

Vietnam's universities plan to raise tuition

VietNamNet Bridge - The cost of university education in Vietnam is becoming more costly as a series of state-owned universities said they are planning to raise tuition. 

Report shows less prestigious universities at top in research productivity

VietNamnet Bridge - A survey conducted by two postgraduates Pham Hiep and Huynh Huu Hien shows a breakthrough in research productivity made by young universities.

How many professors will Vietnam have in the future?

VietNamNet Bridge - If universities are given the right to accredit professors and associate professors, Vietnam could see a “professor boom”, experts have warned.

Educators say universities should be allowed to appoint professors

VietNamNet Bridge - Educators and scientists believe that schools should be given the right to appoint their own professors and grant titles to teachers in the future.

First university in Vietnam appoints its own professors

VietNamNet Bridge - Ton Duc Thang University, a people-founded school in HCM City, has stirred controversy after appointing its own professors and associate professors.

USPTO grants patent to Ton Duc Thang University for new invention

 For the very first time, Ton Duc Thang University has received a patient granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its convertible patient bed.