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Update news tour fees

While tour vouchers have become too familiar to travelers in developed countries, they still have been refused by Vietnamese travelers, who believe that the cheapest is the dearest.

“Bogus” travel firms dirty Vietnam’s tourism

A lot of “bogus” travel firms have been existing -- escaping the notice of the management agencies and ripping off travelers.

Demanding money with menaces, luring travelers to low quality tours

Travel firms prove to be very professional in soothing travelers with sweet words. That explains why many people fell into the firms’ traps, and they only realized that they were swindled after experiencing terrible trips.

5-star hotels to take up Hanoi’s market

Market survey firms, which believe that more and more high income tourists would come to Hanoi, have all predicted that more 5-star hotels would be available in the city by 2015.

Quang Ninh puts high hopes on spiritual tourism

Quang Ninh province has been famous for the Ha Long Bay, one of the world’s natural wonders. However, over the last two years, the thing that attracts tourists to the locality is the spiritual tourism.

Vietnam expects more cruise tourists in upcoming years

Cruise tourism is believed to be the growing tendency in the upcoming years. Meanwhile, people now tend to buy goods through online channels. These would bring the great opportunities to the Vietnamese tourism industry.

Travel firms failed to attract travelers for long holidays

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese keep indifferent to the tourism promotion programs launched by travel firms to lure customers for the two upcoming long holidays in April and May.

Travel firms don’t cooperate to overcome difficulties, but try to sink others

Travel firms complain that their business have never been so bad. Not only facing the sharp fall in the number of travelers, they have also struggle to escape the tricks played by rivals.