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Tour of virtual artworks across city

Manzi Art Space has invited art lovers to join their ‘Art – Hunt’ in the capital this weekend.


'Into Thin Air' – an art for public project initiated and curated by Manzi - launched its first edition with virtual artworks using augmented reality technology in October 2018.

A year has gone by, so as a way to look back before moving on to restart the project, Manzi has launched a special guided free tour for 'Into Thin Air 2'.

The tour group will walk around the city together and find and experience the virtual artworks hidden in public spaces of Hanoi. People working in the field of art will accompany participants, introduce the work and the artists, share their personal experiences and answer questions.

Each tour will have a maximum of 10 people. Participants can choose one of four tours: morning walking tour from 9-11.30am, afternoon motorbike tour 3-5.30pm, on November 2 and 3.
To register, enter the required information in this link:

To view the augmented reality artwork, tour members will use their own smartphone or tablet (Iphone 5S or Android 2015 upwards). The Into Thin Air app must be downloaded onto their devices. Vietnamese and English will be used during the tour. VNS