Tra Su cajuput forest

Update news Tra Su cajuput forest

The beauty of Tra Su, the most beautiful and famous cajuput forest in Vietnam, remains unchanged over the time. Its beauty seems more outstanding during the flooding season in the Mekong Delta.

Love songs in Tra Su cajuput forest

Compared with other provinces in the Mekong Delta, An Giang has extremely special geographic characteristics, with the spectacular That Son Mountain springing up in an endless paddy field. 

Tra Su cajuput forest in summer

If you have yet to visit Tra Su cajuput forest in the flooding season, you should do it in summer, when sudden rains start to ease the dry weather. 

An Giang steps up efforts to protect Tra Su cajuput forest

An Giang has approved the Tra Su cajuput forest protection and sustainable management plan for 2019-30 period in a bid to protect the wetland’s eco-systems.

Tra Su indigo forest, the green banquet in flooding season

 VietNamNet Bridge - Every October-November, tourists flock to the Tra Su indigo forest in Tinh Bien district of the southern province of An Giang to see the green and peaceful indigo forest in the flooding season.

Watching birds during flooding season

Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang Province is a must-visit destination in the flooding season, particularly for those travelers who take great pleasure in cruising along man-made canals whilst viewing herds of birds in different colors

Floods in Mekong Delta prove lucrative for locals

 VietNamNet Bridge – While people in the North and Central Vietnam fear floods for the havoc they bring, people who live in the Mekong Delta count the days until the next flood season to make lucrative earnings during that time.