VietNamNet Bridge – Having disappeared from the market for 40 years, the pottery products of the historic handicraft village of Phuoc Tich in Hue City has been revitalised by local artists.

Pottery products made by artists Vo Xuan Huy and Le Ba Cang and their staff at the Hue University of Arts have helped revitalise Phuoc Tich's traditional trade. (Photo: VNS)

Artists Vo Xuan Huy and Le Ba Cang of the Hue University of Arts have just completed their long-term project to conduct research and produce traditional pottery products similar to those originating from Phuoc Tich, helping revitalise the craft.

After three years of working with local ceramicists, they finally produced 150 newly baked products in a traditional way. All products have strong and vivid colours.

This is their first experimental batch of pottery products, but the artisans are surprised at the quality items.

"The success of our project will help revitalise our village's traditional trade," said Huy.

Located 40km north of Hue, Phuoc Tich is well-known for its traditional pottery crafts, old houses (nha ruong) and temples that have been preserved for as many as 500 years.

In its heyday under the Nguyen Dynasty, Phuoc Tich's pottery products were famous, supplying the entire central region.

Boats and ships from Nghe An, Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Quy Nhon provinces and also from southern areas sailed to the village to buy pottery products.

Phuoc Tich's pottery has no enamel but a simple and natural beauty. Since the 1980s, the craft began fading and then vanished as it could not compete with Chinese ceramics. Many local young ceramicists moved to big cities to be involved in different businesses to earn money.

Local authorities are encouraging and supporting local artisans in an effort to revitalise the village's traditional trade.

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