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There has been a growing interest in ancient costumes in Vietnam over recent years.

Unique features of Ha Nhi people's costumes

For the Ha Nhi ethnic group, preserving their traditional costumes is an act to preserve their unique culture.

Ethnic Cao Lan group treasure traditional costumes

The Cao Lan, one of two branches of the San Chay living in a number of northern mountain and midland provinces, often wear their traditional clothes to celebrate important life events, spring ceremonies, and festivals.

Muong people preserve mother tongue

The Muong people in Hoa Binh province have organized several programs to promote the Muong language as part of efforts by ethnic groups to preserve their culture and their mother tongue. 

Preserving the heritage of men’s traditional ao dai

When talk turns to the Vietnamese ao dai, most people would imagine beautiful women wearing the traditional outfit.

Costumes of Mong people in Sa Pa

The Mong comprise more than half of the population of the popular resort town of Sa Pa in northern Vietnam. They belong to different Mong branches, but all wear indigo clothing.

ASEAN 2020: Exhibition on ASEAN traditional costumes opens in Hanoi

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in collaboration with embassies of ASEAN countries in Vietnam, held an exhibition of ASEAN traditional costumes in Hanoi on October 21. 

Traditional costumes of ASEAN members to be showcased in Hanoi

A show featuring a range of traditional costumes from ASEAN member states will be held from October 12 to October 18 at the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi.

Experts revive traditional costumes on the screen

Traditional costumes made with sophisticated sewing, embroidering and decorating techniques are more in the public eye than ever as they are featured in more films and television shows.

Tua Chua: Dien Bien’s unpolished natural gem

 VietNamNet Bridge – It seems that nowhere else in the northern province of Dien Bien is quite like Tua Chua District. Most of the district, located 1,400m above sea level, is covered with rugged rocky mountains. 

Spring in remote Si Ma Cai mesmerises

VietNamNet Bridge – Si Ma Cai District in Lao Cai is often called the twin sister of Sa Pa. While Sa Pa is a well known tourism destination, its sister Si Ma Cai is a hidden beauty that still retains its serenity and originality.

Young people shop for affordable, ready-to-wear ao dai for Tet

Many ready-to-wear brands in HCM City are offering ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) in different styles and patterns, satisfying young women who want beautiful outfits for Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Festival promotes City residents-expats friendship

 VietNamNet Bridge – The annual HCM City – Development and Integration Festival to promote friendship between city residents and expatriates kicked off on Dec. 1 at the April 30 Park in District 1.

Central Highlanders keep brocade weaving alive

Brocade weaving is a traditional handicraft of the Central Highlanders and plays an important role in their spiritual life. In the face of challenges from modern life, Central Highlanders have made every effort to keep the practice alive.

Photos bring Panama closer to Vietnam in new display

 VietNamNet Bridge – Panama's beautiful landscape and rich culture are being featured through at an exhibition that has opened in Ha Noi.

Vietnamese conical hat honoured by UK magazine

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnam’s conical hats, or non la, have been featured as one of the impressive traditional costumes around the globe by British travel guidebook Rough Guides.

Cultural week offers a taste of Haiti

 VietNamNet Bridge – Haiti's art, culture, lifestyle and tourism will be introduced for the first time in Viet Nam during the Cultural Week of Haiti that will run from January 12-15.

Cham curry – specialty of Cham people in An Giang

 VietNamNet Bridge – An Giang is the land of native Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cham people living peacefully together for hundreds of years. The local Cham community mainly follows Muslim,

Vietnamese brides teaching mother tongue language

 VietNamNet Bridge – Many Vietnamese brides in Taiwan have become teachers of native language after engaging in a programme entitled “Ngọn đuốc tân di dân” (New Immigrant Torch).

Traditional costumes of ten Southeast Asian countries

 VietNamNet Bridge - Traditional costumes are cultural beauty of each country. Below are the traditional dresses of ten countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).