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The man who spreads the art of to he beyond village

With devotion to preserving the traditional craft of his homeland, artisan Dang Van Hau is popularizing traditional toys known as to he beyond village boundaries.

Mid-autumn Festival’s traditional toys proving popular

Traditional toys such as paper mache masks, star-shaped lanterns and lion heads are best sellers.

Hanoi artisan revives traditional toys

Exquisite animal toys made of colorful powder may help light up Hang Ma street on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Man among toys: preserving the art of To he

Artisan Dang Van Hau has always had a passion for the traditional craft of to he -- toy figurines that are made of rice dough.

Vietnamese toys still popular as Mid-Autumn Festival nears

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, kids have been thrilled to receive colourful toys such as lanterns and masks and so many others. Made-in-Vietnam toys seem to have prevailed in the market this year.

Traditional toy-making village busy ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival

Several weeks before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Dong and his employees have had to stay up overnight to make 10,000 paper masks.

Traditional toys indispensable at Mid-Autumn Festival

Amid the abundance of colourful modern toys displayed in Hanoi’s Old Quarter during the Mid-Autumn Festival, traditional offerings till have their place in the hearts of Vietnamese children.

Xuan La Village preserves art of traditional rice powder figurines

 VietNamNet Bridge – When I was a child, some of my favourite toys were small, colourful figurines made from glutinous rice powder. The figurines, called to he, were brought back to me by my mother from the Xuan La Village,

Traditional toys make a comeback

Mid-Autumn traditional toys are considered to be special as they not only bring joy to children but are also a cultural treasure imbued with national identity, furthermore they are associated with the stories of childhood of many generations