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The renowned travel guide Lonely Planet has selected the seven best road trips in Vietnam, spanning from the country’s north down to its southern reaches.

Four tourism ideas for winter

Despite of freezing cold weather in the northern part of Vietnam, four types of travels listed below could be ideal choices for short trips at the weekend.

Couple cycle from France to Vietnam to raise money for charity

As bike rides go, this one really takes the biscuit. A newlywed couple cycled from France all the way to Vietnam. 

Vietnamese food: Com Tam - Broken rice

If you take a trip to HCM City, you must try broken rice. And don't be fooled by its name, there's nothing whatsoever about this dish that needs fixing.

Snap happy at Lai Xa

Lai Xa Village is considered the birthplace of Vietnamese photography. Though times are changing, visitors can still get a picture of the past at Lai Xa's photography museum.

Travellers touch the clouds in Hang Dong

VietNamNet Bridge - At Hang Dong in the northern mountainous province of Son La this season, you can see a sea of clouds and experience touching the sky and feel the cold seeping into flesh.