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Russia will lift a travel ban for Finland, Vietnam, India and Qatar, with flights to these countries set to resume on January 27, according to the Russian Government.

Japan to resume cross-border travel with Vietnam

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced on July 22 Japan will introduce the ‘Residence Track’ to allow the resumption of travel for citizens from Vietnam and Thailand as early as late July.

Taiwan to ease travel restrictions for Vietnamese nationals

Taiwan is set to relax travel restrictions for Vietnamese citizens along with the nationals of certain other countries from June 29, except for the purposes of tourism and visits to relatives.

COVID-19 high on agenda at 36th ASEAN Summit: foreign media

Many foreign news agencies covered the teleconferenced 36th ASEAN Summit chaired by Vietnam on June 26, highlighting COVID-19 as one of its focuses.

Japan considers easing entry restrictions for Vietnam

Japan is about to make a decision to ease the entry ban on Vietnam in the first relaxation of travel restrictions that were imposed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Temporary residence extended for foreigners unable to exit due to COVID-19

Vietnam has decided to extend temporary residence permit for foreigners who are currently in the country and unable to leave because of travel restrictions or quarantine order related to COVID-19, according to the Immigration Department.

Vietnamese overseas advised to stay calm amid COVID-19

Vietnamese people living abroad have been advised to stay calm, practice social distancing and exercise preventive measures against the COVID-19, an official told the Vietnam News Agency on March 25.

Expat students should carefully consider before returning home: ministry

The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) has recommended Vietnamese students abroad consider carefully before returning to Vietnam due to the risks of spreading COVID-19 and travel restrictions imposed by many countries.