Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

The launching of the Golden Bridge in collaboration with the completed services and utilities of Ba Na Hills has contributed to creating breakthroughs for the tourism sector of the central city Da Nang.

Records in air routes and visitors

Da Nang saw a new record in the number of visitors and air routes in the first months of 2019. In the first quarter alone, there were 27 international flight routes and nine domestic flight routes to the city, an increase of four international routes in the past three years. Notably, the Thailand-Da Nang route reached 56 flights per week.

Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

Ms. Huynh Thi Huong Lan, deputy director of the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Centre, said that Thailand overcame Japan to be Da Nang’s third largest market of tourists.

In general, in the first quarter of this year, the total number of tourists coming to Da Nang reached 1.8 million, up 16.4 percent compared to the same period last year, including 876,500 foreign arrivals, up 31.2 year-on-year.

Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

The increase in both the number of visitors and their staying duration is clear indication of the growth of tourism in Da Nang. The average length of stay in Da Nang is 2.6 days for domestic tourists and 2.85 days for foreign tourists. Previously, according to a survey of the Da Nang Institute for Socio-Economic Development, the average length of stay for tourists in Da Nang was only two days.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Ly, CEO of Palm Vietnam Travel, said: “10 years ago, Da Nang was a strange name even among Vietnamese people, but now almost all foreign tourists want to visit the city to check-in at Ba Na Hills to visit the Golden Bridge. Ba Na Hills played an important role in making Da Nang popular in tourists’ eyes as well as a top tourism destination.”

Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

The growth does not come from magic

Ms. Huong Lan said: “The soar in Thai visitors to Da Nang is thanks to the attraction of the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills. There are numerous 5 days-4 nights tours built to visit this bridge and stay at the Mercure Da Nang French Village Bana Hills one night, and then at 3-4 start hotels in Da Nang for the remaining nights.”

According to Ms. Tran Thi Minh Duc, head of Inbound Vietrantour, every single domestic and Asian tourist who books Vietrantour’s tours to Da Nang wants to visit Ba Na Hills to admire the Golden Bridge.

Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

“Not so long ago, Da Nang was not a famous travel destination. Since Ba Na Hills came into operation, the city has become the tourism capital of central Vietnam. Most recently, an English billionaire changed his travel plans just to visit the Golden Bridge,” said Duc.

“Previously, Da Nang tours usually lasted for three days and two nights but now tourists readily opt for 4 days – 3 nights tours to spend a day discovering Ba Na Hills. This contributed to improving the revenue for Da Nang’s tourism sector,” Duc added.

Ba Na Hills lifts up Da Nang’s tourism

It is clear that a part of Da Nang’s achievements and growth come from its otherworldly beauty. However, the main part comes from the effort of private enterprises, including Sun Group, in changing the popularity and looks of tourism in the city.

Thanh Van

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