On April 10, at the Long Xuyen Convention Center in Long Xuyen City, An Giang province, Trisedco (ticker symbol: DAT) held its 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to approve its business plan for the year, with impressive targets. The Board of Directors submitted to the General Meeting to vote on the 2022 plan, which aims at a total net revenue of VND2.3 trillion and after-tax profit of VND150 billion, 3.3 times higher than that of the previous year.

Trisedco is the leading manufacturer and supplier of input materials such as fishmeal, fish-fat and expensive fish-related by-products for businesses processing consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, processed seasoning (cooking oil), Collagen, high-grade animal protein (from fish), canned food (fish stomach, fish fins, fish bubbles).

So far this year, the global seafood industry has shown very good signals, resonated with Trisedco’s solid financial strength, standard storage system, modern technology and professional and well-trained human resources to make 2022 a promising year of success for Trisedco.

The advantage is clear when Trisedco is considered a company that has a strong influence on the domestic market for fishmeal and fish fat and great potential to export its products to Asia, Europe and South America.

Mr. Le Van Chung - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trisedco – confirmed the company leaders’ determination to achieve revenue and profit targets set for 2022 at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

Trisedco’s General Director Le Van Lam excitedly reported the company’s business results in 2021 and business plan for 2022 at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2022 of Trisedco.
The Presidium.
The Board of Directors launched the General Meeting.
The Board of Directors of Trisedco.

Nguyen Nhan