VietNamNet Bridge - T&T Group is very well-known in Vietnam, but until it asked to purchase the airport on Phu Quoc Island, few knew of its power.


T&T Group Chair Do Quang Hien.

The company has recently proposed to the Ministry of Transport to buy Phu Quoc International Airport, located on Vietnam’s largest island of Phu Quoc, in Kien Giang Province.

The group has committed to upgrade the airport and not sell it within five years. Earlier, T&T also asked to acquire the Port of Quang Ninh.

T&T is associated with the name of Do Quang Hien and the Hanoi T&T football club.

In 1993, Hien established T&T Ltd., now the T&T Group, with the major businesses of trading and manufacturing electronic products.

Six years later, Hien formed T&T Hung Yen Co., Ltd., with the largest motorbike engine and component production line in Vietnam worth over VND300 billion.

T&T used to dominate the motorcycle market in northern Vietnam with cheap Chinese brands such as Lifan, Hongda, Loncin, and later Lisohaka.

Chinese motorcycles brought a lot of money for Hien but did not create a brand for his company. Things changed quickly when Hien founded the T&T Hanoi football club.

With his financial strength and passion for football, Hien has turned unknown T&T Hanoi into a V-League, Vietnam’s largest football league.

Hien got rich thanks to Chinese motorcycles but became famous thanks to football.

Chinese motorcycle brands have given way to the world's major brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Piaggio, so these products are no longer on the investment portfolios of Hien. But he continues with football, even though it does not directly make profit.

Football has contributed greatly to the success of T&T brand so Hien keeps pouring money into this sport. However, the capital poured into football is nothing compared to Hien’s investment in real estate and finance.

In the first quarter of 2007, T&T became a strategic shareholder of the Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Bank (SHB), with VND620 billion.

In the second quarter of 2007, T&T invested VND123 billion to establish and be the strategic shareholder of the Saigon-Hanoi Securities Company (SHS). In August 2007, as a founding shareholder, T&T contributed VND16.5 billion to set up the Saigon - Hanoi Fund Management Company (SHF).

T&T also collaborated with the Vietnam Coal - Minerals Corporation and some other partners to found the SHB - Vinacom Insurance Company (SVIC), holding VND15 billion in the total charter capital of VND300 billion.

In the real estate business, in the fourth quarter of 2007, T&T turned the T&T Real Estate Investment Consulting Company Ltd. into the T&T Urban and Industrial Zone Development JSC (T&T Land) and increased its charter capital to VND100 billion.

In 2009, T&T contributed capital to establish the BEST&T Urban Investment JSC. In 2010, T&T invested VND50 billion in the T&T-MCK Housing and Urban Area Development JSC.

Besides football, finance, real estate and motorcycle manufacturing, T&T has also invested in many other areas such as mining, beverages, plastics and others. By 2014, its total charter capital had reached VND2.4 trillion.