Tung Duong (top left) and other artists in the Redemption Song music video — Photo: thethaovanhoa.vn



The Homeland is sung by Duong and Ha Tran with music by the jazz musician Nguyen Le.

Bob Marley’s Redemption Song has been remixed and sung by Duong and Julia Sarr with music by Nguyen Lê and Stéphane Galland, Alex Trần (drums) and Romain Labaye (bass).

Due to social distancing and most of the above artists are living in different, both videos were recorded individually by each artist based on certain audio-visual quality standards.

This way give the musicians a chance to have their own creativity in the way they play music. 

Alex Tran plays a clay pot instead of a drum to make a beat.

Dương told to VTV News that people could get closer and feel happier through music, and the idea of the project is to bring people together during the pandemic. — VNS