drug taker.png
Scene of the drug party in Huyền's apartment at V.I. urban area. Photo courtesy of Hải Phòng City Police.

Two police officers have been removed from their positions after testing positive for drugs.

The officers, both women, were caught at a party where drugs were present. 

On April 7, the Hải Phòng City Police announced they had carried out procedures to revoke their titles after they were caught at a party in Thượng Lý Ward, Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng, were drugs were present.

Earlier on 11.30pm on April 4, 2024, at a house in V.I. urban area in Thượng Lý Ward, Hồng Bàng District, Hải Phòng, the Narcotics Investigation Division of the Hải Phòng City Police stopped a group currently using drugs, arresting 12 suspects with seven males and five females. Upon inspection, nine out of the 12 suspects tested positive for drugs; and 0.13 grams of ketamine and some related exhibits were seized.

The Narcotics Investigation Division temporarily detained three suspects: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Huyền (born in 1986); Bùi Thị Ngọc Bích (born in 1988); and Vũ Hoàng Cường (born in 1982), all residing in Hải Phòng, for the act of illegally organising and using drugs. They will be detained for further investigation and processing, according to legal provisions.

It is known that among the suspects involved in the illegal drug use, two female police officers tested positive for drugs: B. T. N. B., an officer of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Division, Hải Phòng City Police; and V.A., a female officer of the Criminal Investigation, Economic Crime, and Drug Division from Dương Kinh District Police.

The Hải Phòng City Police have initiated procedures to revoke the title of People's Police from these two female officers. VNS