UNDP announces 2022-2026 Country Programme Document for Vietnam hinh anh 1


The UNDP’s programme aims to help the Vietnamese Government accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, guided by the UNDP Strategic Plan’s three outcomes, namely shared prosperity through sustainable economic transformation; climate change, disaster resilience and environmental sustainability; governance and access to justice.

Accordingly, people in Vietnam, especially those at risk of being left behind, will contribute to, and benefit equitably from more sustainable, inclusive and gender-responsive economic transformation based on innovation, entrepreneurship, enhanced productivity, competitiveness, and decent work by 2026.

They will also benefit from, and contribute to safer and cleaner environment resulting from effective mitigation and adaptation to climate change, disaster risk reduction and resilience building, promotion of circular economy, clean and renewable energy, and the sustainable management of natural resources.

At the same time, they will also benefit from, and contribute to a more just, safe, and inclusive society based on improved governance, more responsive institutions, strengthened rule of law and the protection of and respect for human rights, gender equality and freedom from all forms of violence and discrimination in line with Vietnam’s international commitments.

Priority will be given to the Government with capacities for anticipatory, adaptive and agile responses to complex and emerging challenges by evidence gathering and analysis to address new forms of multidimensional poverty, keeping nature and environment at the heart of economic development; inclusive, human-centric digitalization and innovation; reframing policy choices and enabling shifts to address systemic gaps; testing and scaling up successful implementation models; and developing platforms to improve fiscal planning and mobilisation of resources.

According to UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam Caitlin Wiesen, the document describes the way the UNDP will promote innovation and transformation of ecosystems to implement the Goals. 

The UNDP will closely cooperate with its partners to speed up green and inclusive transformation, with the most vulnerable to be given with greater opportunities, she noted.

Source: VNA

Smart and sustainable: the inevitable direction for cities in Vietnam

Smart and sustainable: the inevitable direction for cities in Vietnam

With more than 3.5 billion people living in urban areas and 70% of humanity expected to live in cities by 2050, building smart and sustainable cities is a top priority for social development globally.