The “Turning into Butterflies” exhibition is being made up of installation works created from approximately 1,300 paper butterflies by nearly 1,300 children and young people, including those with disabilities from around the world.

Approximately 100 artworks by disabled and autistic students from Binh Minh Special School, nearly 20 artworks by Ahn Yun Mo, in addition to five Korean artists with disabilities, are to be on display during the exhibition.

The event is part of the wider “Turning into Butterflies” project which was first rolled out worldwide in 2013 by Korean artist Ahn Yun Mo for disabled children and young people.

The event sends a warm message of hope to hundreds of millions of disabled children from around the world.

Through the project, Ahn Yun Mo hopes that people worldwide can unite to overcome barriers based on skin colour and language, whilst also allowing people with disabilities and those without them to come closer together.

Previously, the installation exhibition was held in Brussels in Belgium, New York Museum of Modern Art in the United States, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, China, and France.

Ahn Yun Mo graduated with a Bachelor degree from Hongik University, along with a Master’s of Fine Arts from City University of New York.

During his career he has had 78 solo exhibitions and has organised 80 projects that have involved the participation of disabled and autistic children.