Under the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)'s Circular 23 released in 2021 on enrolling and training for a master's degree, enrollment is organized once to several times a year by educational establishments after they ensure quality of master’s programs as stipulated by regulations.

The enrollment methods are determined by each training establishment. They include competitive examinations, or considerations of student records and other factors, provided that the methods ensure transparent, fair, and objective assessments about candidates’ abilities.

Training establishments can organize online enrollment if they can meet requirements to ensure quality of offline enrollment.

The new regulation is described as "opening the doors widely" for universities to enroll students for master’s degrees.

The HCM City Economics University has changed its enrollment method from a competitive examination to a consideration of a student's learning records at the university level and foreign language skills. 

In the last enrollment campaign of 2022, nearly 1,000 candidates successfully enrolled for a master’s degree.

The majors that most attracted postgraduates included business administration, international business, marketing, and human resources administration.

According to the school, over the last 32 years of post-university education, it has produced more than 15,000 master’s degree holders in the fields of economics, business, public administration and law.

The HCM City University of Technology has launched the first enrollment campaign seeking postgraduates for training at a master’s level in 2023 for 15 majors, including Electrical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Food Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, Tourism Service Management and Travel and English Language.

Candidates can enroll in training courses based on cumulative grade point average (4.0 scale). Candidates will be selected from the ones with highest points down to the lowest ones.

The HCM City University of Economics and Finance is enrolling postgraduates for training for master’s degrees in business administration, finance and banking, accounting, economics laws and English language by considering candidates’ learning records and conditions (GPAs, privileges…).

Meanwhile, the HCM City University of Education is not only enrolling Vietnamese citizens, but also foreign candidates for training for master’s degrees. Candidates will have to attend three entrance tests.

“It is now very easy to apply to study for a master's degree,” an enrollment expert told VietNamNet. 

“In the past, you had to sit entrance exams to be able to attend training courses for a master's degree. But now schools apply many different enrollment methods,” he said.

However, as there are more and more universities that provide training for master’s degrees, worries have been raised about the quality of training and master’s degree holders.

Le Huyen