VietNamNet Bridge – Cam Luong Commune in Cam Thuy District in the northern province of Thanh Hoa has been known by visitors nationwide for Luong Ngoc Stream, also known as “God fish stream” by Muong ethnic minority in the area.


Visitors gather at Luong Ngoc Stream to watch God fish.




Located at the foot of Truong Sinh Mountain, Luong Ngoc is a shallow stream, around half a meter deep. The most popular fish species in the stream is Spinibarbus maensis. The name “God fish” comes from Muong people’s age-old belief that the fish is sacred and one might die if they catch or eat it.

With more visitors coming to explore the stream, a wet market has emerged there selling unique products that cannot be found elsewhere in Thanh Hoa.

Watching schools of large fish in Luong Ngoc stream does not take much time, the market turns out to be a perfect treat for those wishing to explore the upland area.

The market stretches around 500 meters in length on both sides of the road leading to the stream. Vendors either sit on the ground or at their stalls with various products, some of them very strange.

A vendor identified as Hoa says most goods at the market are from the forests and that the rest are craft products of Thanh Hoa.

As Muong people make up a majority of the population in Cam Luong Commune, they usually bring to the market what they make or find in the forests. So the products at the market are unique.

Wild orchid is one of the most popular products at this market. They are fresh as they are brought to the market for sale shortly after they are picked from the forest. They cost tens of thousands of dong per basket.

Vendors also have a type of melon that looks like cucumber. This melon species is good for those suffering from sleeplessness. Forest fruits such as jackfruit, mandarin, grapefruit and banana can be found there as well.

In addition, ethnic people sell medicines made from roots and barks of forest trees at VND10,000 to VND20,000 per pack. Another highlight of the market is a stall selling starling birds, which cost VND150,000 each, inclusive of a cage.

The souvenir area is also worth visiting. On sale are different types of knifes that are made using the traditional techniques of Muong people. Those knifes cost VND30,000-100,000 per unit and buyers will be given a bag made of tree bark.

For food, the market sells small banh gai (glutinous rice cake), tiny com lam (rice cooked in bamboo tubes), and grilled and boiled corn.



Women sell food along the road leading to Luong Ngoc Stream.




The souvenir area at the market.



The starling birds stall – Photos: Khue Viet Truong



Khue Viet Truong 

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