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Burned to death in tube-house fires

Firefighters will never forget the haunting moments they witnessed at a fire on April 4 at a diaper and dairy product trading house in HCM City in which four people died.

Schools could be forced to close on ‘bad air’ days

Vietnam may order schools to shut down on days when the air quality is poor, according to the draft law revising the 2014 Law on Environment Protection.

Unemployment rate in urban areas almost doubles that in countryside

The unemployment rate among those aged 15 and above in Vietnam stood at 2.05 percent last year and the figure in urban areas is almost double that of rural areas, the 2019 population and housing census reveals.

Urban areas can’t be isolated places

Architect Pham Thanh Tung, Chief of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, talks on Vietnam’s trend of green architecture.

Who spoils Hanoi's planning?

Those who ignore or collude with each other to shatter urban development planning not only make the lives of urban people increasingly confined and suffocated, but also jam development space for the future.

Urban areas in Mekong Delta face serious flooding

High tides, dykes and land subsidence are causing serious flooding in urban areas in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta region, according to Nguyen Huu Thien, an expert on the Delta's ecosystem.

Why is air quality in Vietnam's big cities getting worse?

The air quality in large urban areas, especially Hanoi, has been rated poor or even dangerous recently.

HCM City to identity trees best suited to urban areas

HCM City plans to conduct research and identify trees resilient to natural disasters and suited to the local soil.

Vietnam's Mekong Delta subsides up to 5cm each year

The Mekong Delta region is sinking between 2 and 5cm per year, Lao Dong newspaper reported, citing source from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Hanoi’s schools overloaded because of lack of strict regulations

VietNamNet Bridge - Real estate developers have built more urban areas in Hanoi, but they have not included schools in the areas. 

Preschool education remains problematic despite more funding

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has increased the number of new preschools built in recent years but parents still can’t find enough state-owned preschools.

New urban areas face serious school shortage

VietNamNet Bridge - Hanoi authorities have reassured the public that 100 percent of students in districts will be able to go to state-owned schools in the same districts as stipulated by law.

Schools overloaded as land for new schools remains unused

VietNamNet Bridge - While many general schools in inner Hanoi have become overloaded because of a population increase, dozens of land plots reserved for schools cannot be used.

Poor water drainage systems worsen flooding in urban areas

VietNamNet Bridge - Real estate developers have built more and more construction projects, but many of them have not included proper water drainage systems. 

‘Shipper' becomes hot job in urban areas

 VietNamNet Bridge – Vu Thanh Quy, 22, a student of Thang Long University, works part-time job as a deliverywoman, locally called as "shipper" in Ha Noi, for a cell phone case shop in Ha Noi's Nguyen Hong Street.

Urban students busy with life skills classes during summer holiday

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese parents believe that the summer holiday is not the time for their children to go to school to study, but a time to learn life skills and practice foreign languages. 

Urban areas in VN to number 1,000 by 2020

 VietNamNet Bridge – Viet Nam will witness an increase in the number of urban areas from the current 774 to 850 by the end of the year, and forecasts reaching 1,000 by 2020.

CARE launches Viet Nam's new programme direction

 VietNamNet Bridge – CARE International in Viet Nam has launched its new programme direction towards 2020, explicitly focusing on the need to empower marginalised groups in the country, particularly women.

Farmers in urban areas find few job opportunities

VietNamNet Bridge – Prof. Nguyen Huu Thu from the Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty at Ha Noi National University spoke with Ha Noi Moi about the challenges faced by farmers in urban areas, including the lack of employment opportunities.

Four artists come together in group show

 VietNamNet Bridge – Around 50 artworks by Vu Dung, Tran Hong Suong, Vo Vu Thuy Linh and Vo Cao Dinh on Monday came on display at HCMC Fine Arts Association, bringing varied tastes for visitors with different themes, styles and materials.