Update news U.S.

 More than a dozen people have been confirmed dead after a series of tornadoes touched down in Alabama and Georgia on Sunday afternoon.

U.S., North Korean delegations arrive in Hanoi for summit preparations

A U.S. delegation arrived in Hanoi on Monday to work with the competent Vietnamese agencies on security for the upcoming summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms

 The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure.

Exclusive: Tech companies to lobby for immigrant 'Dreamers' to remain in U.S.

 Nearly two dozen major companies in technology and other industries are planning to launch a coalition to demand legislation that would allow young, illegal immigrants a path to permanent residency, 

Lone gunman kills 59, injures hundreds, in Las Vegas concert attack

 A retiree armed with multiple assault rifles strafed an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas from a high-rise hotel window on Sunday, slaughtering at least 59 people before killing himself 

U.S. invests $170 million in late-stage Ebola vaccines, drugs

 The U.S. government is investing more than $170 million to help two new vaccines against the Ebola virus and two Ebola drugs complete the steps needed for approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

U.S. AIDS strategy to focus on 13 countries close to controlling epidemic

 The United States will concentrate its resources on 13 countries with high levels of HIV that have the best chance of controlling the AIDS epidemic under a strategy unveiled on Tuesday.

U.S. may need new law to address Russian ad buys on Facebook: senator

 U.S. legislation may be needed to require social media companies to disclose more about how their platforms are used for political advertising, a senior Democratic lawmaker said on Thursday, 

Scant oversight, corporate secrecy preceded U.S. weed killer crisis

 As the U.S. growing season entered its peak this summer, farmers began posting startling pictures on social media: fields of beans, peach orchards and vegetable gardens withering away.

U.S. to review Qualcomm's complaints about Apple iPhone patents

 U.S. trade officials have agreed to investigate Qualcomm Inc's allegations that Apple Inc infringed on patents with its iPhone 7 and other devices, 

Expansion of ban on larger electronics on airlines likely: U.S.

 U.S. Homeland Security chief John Kelly has not made a final decision on extending a ban on larger electronic devices on airplanes, but the department still believes an expansion is likely,

U.S. candymakers band together to reduce calories

 Five major chocolate and candy companies announced a joint commitment on Thursday to reduce calories in many sweets sold on the U.S. market, a rare example of cooperation in a competitive industry 

U.S. labor market tightening, inflation trending higher

 The number of Americans filing for unemployment aid unexpectedly fell last week and consumer sentiment rose early this month amid continued optimism over household finances, 

U.S., Canada lift global box office as international sales flat

 Worldwide movie ticket sales increased by 1 percent to a record $38.6 billion in 2016 as theaters in the United States and Canada rung up higher sales and overseas returns were flat, 

U.S. agency calls for safer lithium-ion batteries after Samsung fires

 Safety standards for lithium-ion batteries need to be modernized following a massive recall of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd phones after faulty batteries caused fires,

U.S. may seek power to pre-approve self-driving car technology

 The Obama administration said Monday it was considering seeking the power to review and approve technology for self-driving cars before they hit the road and said U.S. states should not set separate rules.

Phuong Tram wins bronzes at US national championships

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese ‘little cetus’ Nguyen Diep Phuong Tram and her teammates in Pleasanton Seahawks Swimming club have grabbed two bronze medals at Junior National Championships in Minnesota, the US.

Officer's shooting of suspect that sparked Milwaukee riot appears lawful: police

 A Milwaukee policeman whose fatal shooting of a suspect sparked overnight rioting in the U.S. Midwestern city appeared to have acted lawfully after the man turned toward him with a gun in his hand,

U.S. health officials update Zika transmission and testing guidance

 U.S. health officials issued updated recommendations for preventing and testing for Zika infection on Monday, warning that the virus can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected female partner.

Star Wars may propel U.S. toy industry to best year since '99: NPD

 The Force is with the U.S. toy industry this year. Demand for Star Wars merchandise is set to propel toy sales growth to a 17 year-high, according to industry research firm The NPD Group.