Valentine's Day

Update news Valentine's Day

Hanoi amongst top five ideal destinations for Valentine’s Day

The beauty of Hanoi in late Spring when the peach blossoms and banyan flowers turn the streets white and purple may color the memorable trips of couples for the Valentine season of 2022.

Musicians release songs praising love to celebrate Valentine's Day

Several Vietnamese musicians have recently released new music videos and CD reflecting faces of love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Resident DJs celebrate Valentine's Day

The local DJ community from Sài Gòn will celebrate Valentine's Day with a live music show called “Pomlove” at Arcan on February 14.


Date service offers Valentine's Day hope

 VietNamNet Bridge – Do you need to have someone to warm your heart on Valentine's Day? Pine no more. A newly evolved service is offering a girlfriend or boyfriend for rent has appeared on the horizon and is likely to do a thriving trade.

Valentine's Day at Tet a bonus for some

 VietNamNet Bridge – Valentine's Day on February 14 coincides with Tet, when most people are busy with most important festival of the year.