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The sales of motorbikes decreased sharply in 2020. After 30 years of continued growth, the motorbike market has become saturated.

VN motorbike market shows signs of saturation

As the motorbike registration fee has increased, consumers have become hesitant to buy new motorbikes.

What is the future of Vietnam’s electric motorbike market?

The warnings about bad air quality in Hanoi and HCM City given by forecasting centers in late 2019 could lead to a stronger electric motorbike market.

Fewer motorcycles purchased locally in 2019

The consumption of motorcycles on the local market amounted to over three million units last year, down 3.8% against 2018.


Vietnam motorbike market remains healthy

With 3.3 million motorbikes bought each year, the fourth largest market in the world for motorbikes continues to grow, with manufacturers launching new models into the Vietnamese market.

Motorbike market continues to grow, saturation point unclear

VietNamNet Bridge - Contrary to all predictions that the motorbike market has become saturated, motorbikes sales in Vietnam continue to increase.

Growth slows down, manufacturers try to find niche markets

VietNamNet Bridge - As the motorbike market is going flat, manufacturers have to reform technologies and penetrate niche markets to boost sales.

Luxury scooters the future of Vietnam’s motorbike market

Luxury scooters are now the focus of motorbike manufacturers in Vietnam. High-end scooters, priced at VND50 million and higher, unexpectedly sold very well in 2016. 

Honda tries to keep market share as motorbike sales fall

VietNamNet Bridge - Honda, the largest motorbike manufacturer in Vietnam, in a recent report, said the motorbike market would not see growth next year. 

Number of registered bikes exceeds 2020 vision

 VietNamNet Bridge – The number of registered motorcycles had surpassed 43 million as of last December, around seven million units higher than the figure envisioned in the master zoning plan for the sector until 2020.