Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Nung (R) and Archbishop Marek Zalewski at the meeting on November 28



At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Nung said he believes the relations between the Vietnamese Government and the Vatican and the Vietnam Catholic Church in general and between An Giang authorities and the Long Xuyen diocese in particular, will further grow following the Archbishop Marek Zalewski’s trip.

He affirmed the consistent policy of the Vietnamese Party and State in general and An Giang in particular, which respects and ensures the right to religious freedom of all people and equality among religions. He took note of the active contributions of Catholic people to the cause of national construction.

According to the Vice Chairman, An Giang is home to more than 1.8 million of followers of 11 State-recognised religions, including Buddhist Hoa Hao, Vietnamese Buddhism, Caodaism, Catholicism and Protestantism. Religions in the province have made great contributions to local development, he said.

The official asked the Vatican’s special envoy to continue fostering the diplomatic relationship between the Holy See, the Catholic Church and the Vietnamese Government. He also proposed that the Vatican gives more support to the Catholic Church in Vietnam and the Long Xuyen diocese.

Archbishop Marek Zalewski thanked the Vietnamese government in general and An Giang administration in particular for facilitating his first trip to An Giang. He said the vibrant Catholic life in Vietnam and An Giang is evidence of Vietnam’s policy of respect for freedom of belief and religion.

He pledged to do his best to promote the ties between the Vatican and Vietnam, thus helping the Catholic community in Vietnam lead a good life and contribute to the cause of national development./.VNA