Mỹ Tâm, afamous veteran singer, has released her music video “Đúng cũng thành sai” (True becomes false), which hasreceived plaudits from fans. Photo nld.com.vn

Human, the name of the fifth album of Tùng Dương released in early October, has impressed listeners because of its special features of progressive rock.

The album shows a new freshness to Tùng Dương's music, thanks to the young music production team with composer Hữu Vương and orchestra conductor Lưu Quang Minh. The album also includes veteran French drummer Stephane Galland.

Meanwhile, Mỹ Tâm has marked her comeback with the ballad Đúng Cũng Thành Sai (True becomes false) with a long list of achievements seven days after release: first place on the iTunes chart for most downloaded songs in Việt Nam, and the top three most viewed MVs on the Vietnamese Trending YouTube chart.

Mỹ Tâm's comeback this time has met the expectations of audiences.

The return of other veteran singers such as Hồng Nhung, Cẩm Ly, Thanh Lam, Lam Trường, Quang Dũng, Lệ Quyên, Phương Thanh, Hà Anh Tuấn and others has also pleased fans.

Bảo Châu, 24, a fan of Mỹ Tâm, said that she was very happy when her idol released her newest music video.

“All of the veteran artists seem to be returning to the music market, and I’m happy to listen to their music,” Châu said.

With many new music products by veteran singers, fans believe the previous generation of singers have adapted to the new trends in the current Vietnamese music market.

Tùng Dương told Thể Thao Văn Hóa (Sport & Culture) newspaper that he is always concerned about the quality of the product and that it should remain in the hearts of audiences.

Besides veteran singers, young singers such as Jack, Đức Phúc, Orange, Bích Phương, Amee, and Issac have also released new music in a variety of styles. — VNS