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Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien on August 23 sent a letter to the Chinese Minister of Commerce of China and the Governor of Yunnan asking them to facilitate customs clearance and export of Vietnamese agricultural products and fruits to the market.

In the letter, Minister Dien said that under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic with the Delta variant, the delivery of import and export goods at the border gate has been guaranteed safe from any spread through the border.

Minister Dien expressed his "regret" upon receiving information that the Department of Commerce of Yunnan had announced suspension of the import of dragon fruit from Vietnam through border gates from July 2021 due to concerns about the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam.

By mid-August, dragon fruit in particular and many other fruits and agricultural products of Vietnam in general could not be exported to China through border gates with Yunnan province. Meanwhile, the import of vegetables and agricultural products from Yunnan to Vietnam's border localities has been going smoothly, with an average of about 400 trucks per day.

The Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade expressed "understanding and sharing" with China's concern about disease prevention and control, but he said as long as border authorities and businesses of the two sides strictly comply with customs clearance of goods, disease prevention and control will be absolutely safe.

The Minister of Industry and Trade of Vietnam asked the Chinese Minister of Commerce to ask Yunnan province to urgently lift measures to limit the import of agricultural products through border gates with Vietnam and at the same time coordinate with Vietnamese border localities to continue epidemic prevention, while maintaining stable circulation of goods.

In the Letter to the Governor of Yunnan, Minister Dien also made a similar proposal.

Previously, on August 20, the Ministry of Industry and Trade again issued Document No. 5067/BCT-XNK, requesting businesses to quickly and strongly shift the export of goods to the Chinese market to the official form and only transport goods to the border when there are agreements with the buyer (clear consumption addresses).

For agricultural products, it is necessary to coordinate with the buyer to classify, pack and use packages and labels in accordance with requirements of the import market in the stage of production, and meet regulations on quality standards, food safety, traceability and growing area codes to help speed up customs clearance.

Luong Bang

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