Vietnam becomes 1st country to authorise commercial circulation of African swine fever vaccine hinh anh 1
NAVET-ASFVAC is manufactured by the Navetco National Veterinary Joint Stock Company (NAVETCO). (Photo: VNA)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a ceremony in Hanoi on June 3 to announce the outcomes of the research and production of the vaccine named NAVET-ASFVAC manufactured by Navetco National Veterinary Joint Stock Company (NAVETCO).

An African swine fever outbreak was first detected in Vietnam in February 2019, and then spread to all 63 provinces and cities nationwide, causing more than 6 million pigs to be culled.

The disease cost Vietnam over 30 trillion VND (1.29 billion USD) in losses, and affected the national consumer price index (CPI) in 2020. Currently, it is still reported in many localities nationwide.

Vietnam began working on researching and producing the vaccine in February 2020 with the help of US experts. Following lab trials, the vaccine has proved to be able to protect at least 80 percent of immunised pigs, which retain immunity for six months.

The ministry enlisted several scientific councils and scientists to evaluate its effectiveness.

Last month, an agency representing US scientists sent a letter to Vietnam, affirming that NAVETCO’s vaccine research and evaluation match the results they produced.

The vaccine will first be sold on a small scale and given to around 600,000 pigs aged between 8-10 weeks. Following an evaluation, the ministry will consider nationwide distribution.

In his remarks, US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc E. Knapper lauded cooperation between the two countries in addressing such a global issue, stressing that US scientists will continue their cooperation with Vietnam.

At the ceremony, the MARD handed over a licence for commercial vaccine circulation to NAVETCO.

Apart from NAVETCO, Avac Vietnam One Member Ltd (Avac) and Dabaco Group JSC are also capable to research and produce the ASF vaccine.

Vietnam expects to license two other African swine vaccines by the end of this year./.
Source: VNA